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Posted:8/30/2010 9:58:34 PM
      Please forgive this interjection...for a photographic projection of the ark and the God who saved humanity in the Altrahasis and Genesis 6...http://www.impactoptics.com/genesis-1.htmlAlso illustrated a the Egyptian HORUS...His eyes watching over humanity...http://www.impactoptics.com/images/horus1_36x24d-web-1.jpgResearch with petro photoglyphs...stone engraved, time capsule photographic messages from and ancient and unknown intelligence...the One we call God!Why translate apis lazuli tablets when a stone etched hologram video projections clearly detail the entire message.  This includes a stone engraved star map locating the celestial object and its projected course.  Published online information by the only research entity dedicated to petro photoglyph discovery and translation.