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Posted:3/1/2015 5:36:54 PM
Ever since starting the Abnormal Realm blog, I have been asked many questions about the paranormal from cryptids to urban legends. Recently, someone had inquired on what equipment to use in a ghost investigation which inspired me to write this post. The procedure, techniques and methods in conducting an investigation are the same now as they were 20 years ago, but the equipment used has changed with the advancement of technology. A camera may still be a camera, yet what I used in the 90s couldn't allow instant editing of images and upload to the internet. Within the last decade, I have tried to keep up to date with any new devices in ghost detection and there has been a few. I will be introducing a few of them in a three part series on lesser known equipment used in the paranormal field by first starting with the Spirit Box.

The Spirit Box or Ghost box is among the category of electrical devices used to talk with spirits or the dead which has been called Instrumental Transcommunication. The most common known involving paranormal investigation is electronic voice phenomena or EVPs. Now the Spirit Box is used as electrical medium where it scans through AM and FM radio frequencies and the belief is the entity could then manipulate the audio channels to form words or phrases to communicate in real-time.

Now before continuing on with the Spirit Box, I would like to give a brief history on Instrumental Transcommunication. It begins with the legend that Thomas Edison had invented a machine to communicate with spirits which to this day remains unproven. Just to note, many believe Edison was the father to EVP. One of the first people to have claimed to use an electrical device to talk with ghost was Attilan von Szalay. He and Raymond Bayless were known to experiment in created a machine they claimed to record many spirit messages. Friedhrich Jugerson was noted to increasing the concept of EVP from his books Voices from Space and Radio-link with the Dead . He wrote about his experiences in what he believed was recording voices of the dead with a tape machine.

In 1979, William O'Neil and George Meek created the Spiricom which was a frequency generator that they claimed would allow two-way communication with ghosts. They alleged that a ghost of a scientist help them in the development of the device. In the end, the Spiricon was revealed to be a hoax. By the early 2000s, radio enthusiast Frank Sumption was accredited to inventing today's Spirit Box or as some would call Frank's Box which he contributes its creation to the assistant of ghosts. This part I leave you to decide on. The Spirit Box or Frank's Box is a radio receiver that continuously scans through radio frequencies at a certain rate. It doesn't lock unto any station as the idea is it plays through this white noise of random music, voices and static. Here, the theory is with all this random audio sounds going off, any paranormal entity can use to communicate with anyone listening.

Now the Spirit Box started to become more popular among paranormal groups during the mid-2000s as many have created videos demonstrated its usage in their investigations. Now does the device actually communicates with ghosts? Some would claim the spirit box does work, others say it doesn't and there are those how just don't know. Certain groups had even advised and given warnings not to use the box as it could be dangerous. This device now seems to be a standard equipement in paranormal investigations especial on those reality ghost hunting shows.

Back in 2005, while attending a convention, I sat in for a spirit box session. Now the individual demonstrating the device had it plug into speakers for all the hear and had the audience pick the questions. Now the questions asked had to be simple in which could be answered by yes, no, maybe or anything not requiring more than three words. This seems to be a constant theme with any communication with spirits to me. Now what I observed seemed like the individual might as well had been shaking a magic eight ball for answers to what people were asking. My take on the Spirit Box is it's not reliable and I would not use it any paranormal investigation. If you were to ask me if ghosts are actually communicating through it, I don't know that is for you to decide.



Posted:2/26/2015 7:09:58 PM
Hopefully you live a long life.

Posted:2/14/2015 10:13:37 PM
Zoologist Benard Heuvelmans has often been attributed to fathering crypotozology within the twentieth century. In his career, he believed creatures mentioned in myth and folklore were actually unknown species which he employed the scientific method in proving their existence. Such cases that demonstrated Heuvelmans hypotheses are the giant squid, ziphius, bondegezou and Okapi. As indicated in a pass podcast, one modern account of a cryptid identified is the Devil Bird of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island country near the south west of India in South Asia. At night, one could hear bloodcurdling screams echoing through out the countryside. Locals believed the sounds emitted from the supernatural creature they know as Ulama or the Devil Bird. Legend say to hear its cries would mean intimate death, much like the banshee of Irish folklore. Very few have ever seen the creature and those who claim to have caught a glance and lucky not to hear the scream describe the creature to be a massive bird, with a large tale, horns protruding from the head along with either piercing black or glowing eyes.

According to legend, the origins of the Devil Bird begins centuries ago involving a family. A husband who doubted the paternity of his son in a rage of jealousy, murdered the child and made a curry with the remains. He then served it his wife and while eating found her son's finger in the bowl. The woman ran off into the forest horrified where she killed herself and her spirit transformed into the Devil Bird to forever screaming in grief. The legend made the creature a well known avian cryptid in Sri Lanka with its cries continuing to be heard at night. Over the years, the general consensus among many, especially scientist, that such a creature could not exist, until over a decade ago.

Dr. R.L. Spittel had investigated to identifying the Devil Bird believing the creature had to be a local unknown species. In 2001, villagers found an unusual bird which was classified to be a new avian breed the Spot-bellied Eagle-owl and determined by Spittel to be the cryptid. In his research, the animal resembled in appearance to the Ulama of legend and its screech sound human-like. Many would consider the cryptid solved yet locals of Shri Lanka would argue the sound made by the Eagle-Owl is not the same to what they hear at night while some scientist speculate other avian species on the island to be the true Devil Bird.



Posted:2/14/2015 10:12:50 PM
It can be if the manifestation of our fears become true reality.

Posted:1/31/2015 9:29:20 PM
As I child, I enjoy exploring places where I was warned not to go into or avoid after dark. They were the cemeteries, abandoned buildings, dark alleys and the forest. This curiosity all started from hearing a story about the area such as there's ghosts, monsters, someone was murder or people went missing. I wanted to know if such tales were real and in the end most weren't while others had some bases of truth. Most places would have one or two stories surrounding it, but when a location is just drowning in legends would you still go at night say for example the Devil's Gate Dam.

The Devil's Gate Dam crosses the Arroyo Seco Canyon in Los Angeles County, California. The structure was built in 1920 to control the floodwater of the Arroyo Seco river. The location is known for its natural rock formation shaped as the Devil's head. The dam holds many tales about the paranormal involving demons, ghosts, the occult, and portals to hell.

The canyon is believed by local Native American to be haunted and hold mystical properties which their folklore warns to stay away from the area as it's a portal to the spirit realm. Accounts from early settlers mention experiencing paranormal activity along with disappearance of livestock. What made the Devil's Gate Dam truly famous didn't occur until the 1940s.

Jack Parsons, a rocket scientist, would be the one to bring stories of demons, portals to hell and the occult to the canyon. Parson was known to have interests in the occult and was a member of the Ordo Templi Orienti created by no other than Aleister Crowley. Both men believed the Devil's Gate Dam held great magical powers and even was a portal to hell. Parson was rumoured to performed magical rituals in hopes of opening a doorway to summon a demon into the world. Some had speculated, before his death, a portal was opened and remains to this day, as paranormal activity continues in the area.

Over the decades, strange events had occurred at the Devil's Gate Dam deepening its mystery. During the 1950s, several children had disappeared within the area some were the victims of a serial killer while the fate of the others remains unknown. Nearby, the Colorado Street bridge, built in 1913, has been the scene of more than 200 suicides. The paranormal activity reported in the area has been encounters with moving shadows, strange ghostly sounds, sudden attacks of anxiety, orbs and most recently UFO sightings. In the research conducted on the Devil's Gate Dam I found some paranormal groups to advise caution on conducting any investigation at night.



Posted:1/13/2015 9:40:13 PM
Do you believe ghosts exist? If you do, what are they? Souls, disembodied spirits, echoes of the past, hysteria or the physical manifestation of the human mind. The knowledge of ghosts goes back for centuries and could be found within every culture throughout the world. There are many information and material on the matter yet much remains unknown and unproven . Scientific experiments have been conducted in the past in discovering the existence of the afterlife and ghosts. One of the most notable investigation conducted is the Philip experiment.

In 1972, in Toronto, Canada, a group of parapsychologist, led by Dr. Owen, proposed a theory the paranormal phenomenon of ghosts was actually the physical manifestation of the human mind. They would conduct an experiment using the scientific method to replicate the events and experience of a ghost. The group involved contain eight ordinary individual with no acclaimed abilities, powers, fame or knowledge of the paranormal.

The group's overall objective was to create a ghost through expectation, imagination and visualization. The method to achieve this goal was to create a fictional character whom they could communicate with through seances. The group created Philip Aylesford and fabricated a backstory to this character. Philip was an 17th century aristocratic, Englishman that had a tragic love affair which led him to taking his own live. All members of the group spent time in developing, discussing and imagining Philip in preparation for the experiment.

The group for about a year participated in seances to communicate with the fictional ghost. One night, Philip was able to communicate with by taps or rapping to yes/ no answers. Soon, the group described experiencing increase paranormal activity as Philip would shake or move the table around, heard ghostly voices, lights dimming, cold spots, etc. Dr. Owen repeated the experiment with other different groups, repeated the same effect and concluded it to be successful. Even thought the paranormal experience was believed to be resulting from the human mind, no scientific explanation was offered.

The Philip experiment was believed to be successful as it was able to be recorded and film. The research grew in fame as it was replicated by other groups with their own creation of fictional ghosts they communicated with. Despise all the documented results, the experiment has been criticized to be faulty on conclusions, observations, lacking anything scientific and even labelled as hoaxes. The resulting paranormal phenomena of the Philip experiment has been in an endless debate whether created by forces of the human mind or an entity was summoned.



Posted:12/13/2014 4:56:12 PM
As far back I could remember, around the age of five, my first time going into the woods happened during a family camping trip. I recall being existed and amazed to all that nature had to offer. When exploring the forest, fear can easily take hold at hearing sounds you can't identify and seeing things you are unfamiliar with.The woods had provided me with my first experience involving fear ofthe unknown. In continuing the serious on haunted forest, these week's article is about the Dungarvon Whooper.
Blackville is a small rural community along the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. The town is home to some of the best spots within the province along with the legend of Dugarvon Whooper believed to be haunting the Miramichi forest. The whooper is said to be the ghost of a young man who was murdered at a lumber camp and could be heard every night screaming or howling.

According to legend, some time in the late 1800s, a young cook named Ryan was hired by a lumber camp near the Dungarvon River. Now Ryan was known to carry a money belt which held all his worldly possessions. One day, when the men left to work, the camp's boss decided to remain behind with the cook. Upon returning, the woodsmen found Ryan dead and his money belt missing. When the camp boss was questioned to what happened, he replied the cook had suddenly become ill and died. The men were suspicious to the story consider the belt had disappeared, but feared the consequences if they were to pursuit the matter.

Come the following day, a raging storm hit the area making it impossible for the anyone to leave the camp. The men were forced to bury Ryan in a shallow grave within the forest. At night, the most horrifying whoops and screams started to hollow throughout the woods. The sounds continued for several days before the men were driven crazy with fear and abandoned the camp. The Dungarvon Whooper legend was born.

Over the years, attempts where made to continue logging within the Miramichi forest, yet operations were discontinued as people were frightened off by the whooper. The screams continued to be heard for decades, until a priest named Father Murdock was asked to do something about the spirit. The priest entered the forest to perform a blessing of the area and over a grave believed to be of the cook Ryan. After the ritual, the whooping fell silence, or did it? Today claims are still made the screams can still be heard in the forest at night. The Dungarvon Whooper is also known as a song written by J. Aldrich Libbey.


Posted:12/8/2014 10:12:43 PM
Since ancient times, the forest has inspired fear and nightmares within the human imagination. It has been the set for many tales and legends throughout the centuries even to this day within the movies. One could easily be filled with uneasy when walking in the woods, but picture what would occur if you discovered the area was home to the paranormal. In a three part series, I would like to share with everyone several of most alleged haunted forests in the world by first introducing Hoia Bacius.

Hoia-Baciu forest is an over 250 hectare patch of woods situated west of the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The area is known for recreation sports along with biking trails, but its true reputation is much darker. The forest is believed to be haunted and very alive with paranormal activity. It has been dubbed as the most haunted forest in the world and even refereed as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania. The forest was named after a shepherd who disappeared with hundreds of sheep in the area.

Ghosts, strange lights, unearthly voices and other paranormal phenomena to occur within Hoia-Baciu Forest have been reported over the centuries. The latest activity to develop over the past few decades is UFO sightings, which what gave fame to the woods. In the 1960s, a biologist named Alexandru Sift taken several pictures of a strange object flying over the forest. Hoai-Bacriu is well known by locals to be haunted which they avoid entering let alone speaks its name out of fear of becoming cursed.

The forest is described as bizarre in appearance with twisted and malformed trees and branches. Those entering Hoia-Baciu reported experiencing anxiety along with feelings of being watch. There are accounts of encounters with ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices screaming in the distance and poltergeist activity. People have told stories of suddenly become ill or developing a strange rash the longer they remain in the area. Additional paranormal phenomenon mentioned to occur in the forest are malfunctioning electrical equipment, floating orbs of light, missing time, unknown faces and shapes appearing on film and physical assaults bu unseen forces. One of the darker elements about of Hoia-Baciu is the unknown number of disappearances to have occurred

In the past 20 years, paranormal investigators and groups had descended upon Hoai-Bacriu to research and study the forest. Some believe the activity is the result of tormented ghosts trapped within the woods. Others would claim the phenomenon is of alien and UFO activity in the area. There are the few that say the forest is a gateway or a portal to another dimension. According to rumours on the Internet, a paranormal group had disappearing while conducted an investigation adding more mystery to Hoai-Bacriu which may been falsified as a movie about the area was made a few years ago.

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Posted:12/8/2014 10:11:54 PM
If the stories are forgotten then the culture become lost.

Posted:12/1/2014 10:20:14 PM
In past articles, I had mention about learning local native lore while growing up in Northern Ontario. Most of the legends and myths I first heard about were told by my friend's grandfather who was knowledgeable in many aboriginal oral traditions. The times when I was over visiting, we would gather in garage and listen to some ancient tales. I became aware of the stories of the windigo, the monster bear, Sasquatch, the flying head along with many others. One myth I wish to share in this article, which was almost forgotten, is the tale of the Deer Woman or Deer Lady.

According to native legend, the Deer Woman is a shape-shifting spirit that wonders deep within the forest. She is described as having the upper body of a human female while the lower part is of white-tale deer. Some stories say she appears as an old woman while others tell of a young maiden with unnatural beauty. If one was to encounter a Deer Lady, she would be dancing or chanting in the woods, wearing a ceremonial dress or in some accounts in the nude. In the lore, if one was to look at her feet her true supernatural form will be exposed, as the feet would be shaped as deer hooves.

There are variations in the lore to what happens if one was to encounter a Deer Woman. In some stories, she represents a change to occur or a sign of self grow, while others paint a darker picture. The Deer Woman would appear to men in the woods to seduce or enchanted them to follow them deeper into the forest. Once secluded, she reveals her true form and stomps her victim to death. There are some tales where the Deer Lady had made her male prey into a meal. In most native legends, the Deer Woman is often portrayed as a monster seeking to tramped incautious people to death.

In research this legend, I found there are many aboriginal lore about the appearance, lessons and warnings of Deer Women. I have referenced a few accounts of early European settlers who stumble upon nude native women who would disappeared off into the woods and if followed only a deer would be found. The legend seems to be alive even to this day, as indicated by posts on the Internet of men from numerous aboriginal communities reporting to seen a Deer Woman while hunting or camping.