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New paranormal trigger objects feature vibration detection
Posted:4/18/2014 8:32:47 AM
A new paranormal device will be available to purchase next month. Paranormal Playground group leader and Paranormal Examiner John Albrecht developed a new trigger object to use on paranormal investigations.

The scariest and most haunted island in the world is now for sale
Posted:4/17/2014 4:12:09 PM
The most haunted island in the world is up for sale. A 17-acre Italian island known as Poveglia will soon be available at a public auction.

Firefighters battle blaze in tourist town of Tombstone
Posted:4/11/2014 11:51:52 PM
Arizona firefighters battled a massive fire in the the tourist town of Tombstone yesterday afternoon. The town's citizens brought out hoses and helped firefighters prevent the blaze from burning their historic town down.

Eerie figure photographed at scene of deadly car crash
Posted:4/11/2014 9:10:59 PM
A woman was compelled to take a photo of a crash site while on her way home from coming back from college. After she reviewed the images, she noticed something strange in one of them.

Serial killer's Ohio home is potentially haunted and for sale
Posted:4/10/2014 5:00:03 PM
Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home is for sale. The potentially haunted Ohio home where Dahmer killed his first victim is selling for $295,000.

Store employee that experienced supernatural event insists video isn't a hoax
Posted:4/7/2014 6:46:06 PM
An employee of a country store in New Hampshire that recently experienced paranormal activity last month is under fire from skeptics. The store posted a surveillance video on their Facebook page of a glass object being knocked off of a counter and many people believe the video is a hoax.

'Ghost Adventures' host Zak Bagans begins filming in 'demon house'
Posted:4/5/2014 3:54:57 AM
"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans recently started production of a documentary film that will feature an alleged haunted house that he purchased earlier this year. Hollywood distribution companies are currently in a bidding war for the rights.

'Ghost Adventures' host Zak Bagans' 'Netherworld' documentary airs Saturday
Posted:4/3/2014 3:15:24 PM
"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans' new documentary "Netherworld" will be featured on the Travel Channel this weekend. The hourlong special airs on Bagans' birthday, this Saturday, April 5.

'Ghost Adventures Aftershocks' series premiere
Posted:4/2/2014 5:16:07 PM
The Travel Channel announced this week that it will soon air a new "Ghost Adventures" spin off series. Zak Bagans will host the new "Ghost Adventures Aftershocks" series that is set to air on April 26.

Miley Cyrus gets photobombed by ghostly orbs in selfie
Posted:4/1/2014 8:07:55 PM
Miley Cyrus took a self-portrait for her fans from her hotel last week and when she posted the photo on Twitter, her fans noticed something strange. Fans think that Cyrus is being haunted by a ghost.

Paranormal Playground explores Golden Eagle Park
Posted:3/23/2014 4:05:06 PM
Paranormal Playground travels to Fountain Hills, Arizona to explore the haunted legend of Golden Eagle Park and Ashbrook Wash. Jessica's team investigates the women's restroom and learns that ghosts can't count.

Paranormal phenomena captured on store surveillance camera
Posted:3/22/2014 8:58:47 AM
Employees of a bar and grille in New Hampshire recently experienced what they believe to be paranormal activity this week. A surveillance video was posted on the establishment's Facebook page of a glass object being mysteriously knocked off of a counter.

Daughter desperately searches for her spirit seeking father
Posted:3/22/2014 7:38:03 AM
A woman is on the hunt to find her father whom she hasn't seen in over fifteen years. She is desperately searching for him because she is getting married soon and wants her dad to walk her down the aisle.

Famous California haunted mansion will soon allow overnight guests
Posted:3/17/2014 4:43:26 AM
The Winchester Mystery House will soon be open for visitors to stay overnight. The San Jose planning department recently approved a special permit to allow overnight guests.

Paranormal enthusiast arrested for stealing mail and forging checks
Posted:3/16/2014 9:38:22 PM
A paranormal investigator has found her demons and has ended up behind bars today. Sheriff deputies in Georgia arrested a woman and one of her friends for allegedly stealing mail and forging checks earlier this month.

Sam's Club built on sacred land is scheduled to open soon
Posted:3/13/2014 4:11:11 AM
Developers working for retail giant Wal-Mart destroyed a Native American ceremonial mound in Alabama and used the dirt as fill to build a Sam's Club membership store. The new Sam's Club store is now completed and is currently hiring employees this week.

Pharmacist prescribes anti-monster spray for child that couldn't sleep
Posted:3/11/2014 11:45:14 PM
A pharmacist in North Dakota prescribed a bottle of anti-monster spray for a 6-year-old girl that was having sleep issues last year. The photo of the prescription bottle is starting to go viral on Facebook today.

'Ghost Inside My Child' series premiere airs tonight on LMN
Posted:3/8/2014 4:54:46 AM
Some kids remember dying in a past life and they relive these horrible memories in their dreams. A new series on the Lifetime Movie Network shares stories from the lives and former lives of these children.

Ghostly visitor appears in teen's selfie
Posted:3/8/2014 12:44:07 AM
A teenager was taking photos of herself with her cell phone and after she reviewed the images, she noticed something strange in one of the photos with her.

Teenager finds strange markings on her legs
Posted:3/6/2014 3:28:59 PM
A teenager was playing with a black light last week when she noticed strange markings on her legs. Many people believe that the markings could be paranormal in nature.

Hacker attacks Meetup.com and holds it for ransom for $300
Posted:3/3/2014 11:28:26 PM
The popular social networking site Meetup.com is under attack from hackers. The site has been hit by a sophisticated denial of service attack.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres thinks her new home is haunted
Posted:3/3/2014 10:13:38 PM
A popular talk show host believes that her new multimillion dollar home is haunted. According to one of her friends, she hasn't been sleeping well since the house was remodeled.

Dead man comes back to life in funeral home
Posted:3/1/2014 7:37:12 AM
A Mississippi man that was declared dead earlier this week woke up to find himself in a body bag. The 78-year-old was mistakenly taken to a funeral home when doctors couldn't find a pulse.

Owners of a Kentucky haunted hospital plan to make it a haunted hotel
Posted:2/27/2014 5:37:56 PM
A place that was once home for dying tubercular patients and now a popular tourist attraction for paranormal investigators may become more than a haunted hospital sometime in the near future. The owners of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium filed a zoning plan last spring to convert the former hospital into a 120-room four-star hotel and the zoning committee voted in favor for city council to approve the zoning for the project.

Lies come back to haunt Massachusetts ghost hunter
Posted:2/26/2014 9:26:52 PM
An attention-hungry Massachusetts man has been going out of his way to create headlines for his local news station for years. He is now being accused by the same news station for making some of the stories up.

'Ghostbusters' actor Harold Ramis dies at 69
Posted:2/24/2014 8:31:12 PM
"Ghostbusters" actor and director Harold Ramis died today in Chicago at the age of 69-years-old. Ramis was surrounded by family when he passed away from a disease that swells blood vessels, according to his wife.

Eerie figure photographed in family photo
Posted:2/20/2014 5:33:15 PM
A woman was taking photos of her family last summer and after she reviewed the images, she noticed something strange in one of them. She sent the photo to the paranormal website Ghost Study to be analyzed by Jim Eaton.

'Ghost Adventures' host Zak Bagans buys haunted house in Indiana
Posted:2/6/2014 8:47:44 PM
"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans recently bought an alleged haunted house in Gary, Indiana that many are referring to as a portal to Hell. It was recently reported that a local police captain and various psychics believe that the house is infested with hundreds of ghosts and demons. Bagans purchased the house last week and paid $35,000 for the home.

'Ghost Adventures' host Zak Bagans buys haunted house in Indiana known to locals as a portal to Hell
Posted:2/3/2014 5:17:01 AM
"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans recently bought an alleged haunted house in Gary, Indiana that many are referring to as a portal to Hell. It was recently reported that a local police captain and various psychics believe that the house is infested with hundreds of ghosts and demons. Bagans purchased the house on Wednesday and paid $35,000 for the home.

Police in Indiana believe a local house is haunted and infested with demons
Posted:1/30/2014 2:03:11 AM
A street in Indiana is said to be occupied by hundreds of ghosts and demons. A local police captain believes that one of the houses on that street is where the strange things are coming from.

Ghost sightings reported at Michigan assisted living center
Posted:1/30/2014 1:00:23 AM
Staff members and residents of an assisted living center in Michigan have reported seeing and hearing strange things over the years. Witnesses to the events believe that the nursing home is haunted.

Paranormal investigators of 'American Haunts' explore 'A Christmas Story' house
Posted:1/28/2014 12:35:27 AM
A new paranormal television show is featuring "A Christmas Story" house in an upcoming episode. Paranormal researchers Dave Rhode and Craig Gozzetti of "American Haunts" were granted special permission to investigate the Cleveland home this weekend.

Police officers dispatched for paranormal calls share their stories
Posted:1/24/2014 11:54:50 PM
A popular thread on Reddit is getting a lot of traffic this month. Someone posted a question titled "Police officers of Reddit, have you ever been called to a home for a paranormal reason?" The thread has numerous witness accounts of the paranormal from cops who shared their stories.

Ohio woman believes she has a photo that proves ghosts exist
Posted:1/21/2014 12:49:06 AM
An Ohio woman claims that she has proof of ghosts. The proof is in a photo that she took in an alleged haunted elementary school in southern Ohio.

Top paranormal videos of 2013
Posted:1/19/2014 9:54:34 PM
This year there have been a lot of alleged paranormal encounters that were captured on video and then shared on the internet. One question is always wondered when photos and videos like these are presented. Are they real or fake?

'Ghost Adventures' returns for ninth season on Travel Channel
Posted:1/17/2014 2:31:44 AM
The Travel Channel renews "Ghost Adventures" for another season. The popular paranormal program premiered on October 17, 2008 and returns February 15, 2014 for its ninth season with 13 new one hour episodes. Saturdays just got a whole lot scarier as the boys move to a new night.

Internet panhandler begs for money to buy a new car to go ghost hunting
Posted:1/12/2014 10:33:17 PM
A Montana woman is begging for money to repair or replace her car that she allegedly damaged in an accident earlier this winter. The woman posted the ad on the website gofundme on January 1 and hopes to receive $1500.

Leonardo DiCaprio's house scares him and he doesn't believe in ghosts
Posted:1/12/2014 1:10:22 AM
Leonardo DiCaprio's house may or may not be haunted. According to the actor, the house makes strange sounds in the middle of the night and it scares him. The star also mentioned that he doesn't even believe in ghosts.

Three friends encounter shadow figure near Arizona park
Posted:1/10/2014 8:10:50 PM
An Arizona woman and two friends captured a shadow figure on video near an alleged haunted park by her home last month. The woman believes that the entity in the video may be a demon that lurks in an area known as the Demon Playground.

Arizona paranormal team captures shadow person on video at haunted mortuary
Posted:1/8/2014 8:02:15 AM
A paranormal research group captured some compelling footage at a funeral home in Arizona last month. The lead investigator believes the video shows proof of the shadow person phenomena.

Top ghostly images of 2013
Posted:12/26/2013 5:41:33 PM
This year there have been a lot of spirit photos that were shared on the internet. One question is always wondered when photos like these are presented. Are the photos real or fake?

Merry Christmas from the Paranormal News Examiner
Posted:12/24/2013 5:05:27 PM
Merry Christmas from the Paranormal News Examiner, John Albrecht!!! If you haven't already, subscribe by clicking the link in this post. You'll receive our latest paranormal news stories via email. Thanks for reading!!!

'Ghost Mine' won't be returning for third season on Syfy
Posted:12/24/2013 2:49:51 PM
Cast members of the paranormal reality show "Ghost Mine" won't be returning for another season next year. Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman announced on their Facebook pages last week that Syfy will not be renewing the show for a third season.

Jason Hawes' wife Kristen still in ICU on a ventilator
Posted:12/23/2013 3:14:47 PM
"At this time there's been no change in Kristen's condition. She's on a ventilator and highly sedated for now. Thanks for all the love and support you have shown our family," Hawes said via a Facebook post earlier today. "We have always kept our private lives private, but sadly private information got out and showed up on some online forums. Due to that we felt it best to just be honest and open. At this point we are taking this day by day as a family," he said.

Jason Hawes' wife Kristen admitted to hospital for brain infection
Posted:12/22/2013 2:48:51 PM
Paranormal investigator Jason Hawes and star of Syfy's paranormal reality show "Ghost Hunters" recently reported some upsetting news to his fans regarding his family. According to a Facebook post from last night, Hawes announced that his wife Kristen is in the intensive care unit battling an infection in her brain.

Police thought ghost hunters were burglars and detain them at gunpoint
Posted:12/18/2013 3:47:44 PM
Three ghost hunters in Pennsylvania were nearly arrested when a police officer mistakenly thought they were criminals burglarizing an old Civil War building. The officer held the paranormal investigators at gunpoint until police confirmed with the owner that they were allowed on the property.

Ghostly hand appears in woman's Instagram selfie
Posted:12/13/2013 1:06:57 PM
An unexpected guest appeared in a photo with a woman and her son recently. She uploaded the self portrait on Instagram earlier this week and her celebrity father noticed a ghostly hand in the image.

Presumably Paranormal - Prospect Place
Posted:12/8/2013 7:27:06 AM
"This may be some of the best footage that I have ever captured in my search of whether ghosts exist or not, and still the answers and the truth seem to elude me. Although I have this crazy video, I remain baffled and left with more questions than I started out with." - John Albrecht, Jr.

Most bizarre paranormal news stories of 2013 so far
Posted:12/8/2013 4:03:27 AM
So far this year there have been a lot of strange and interesting things that have happened. This year we have seen Wal-Mart destroying sacred sites, a sighting of the Jersey Devil in Oklahoma, and an image of Jesus appear in bird shit.

Ghostly wailing sounds heard at New York's Freedom Tower
Posted:12/5/2013 8:27:40 PM
New Yorkers are wondering what the strange sounds that they are hearing resonating from the sky this week. Odd wailing noises seem to be echoing off buildings in Manhattan and it's leaving a lot of folks scared.