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Are these Creatures, Spirits or a Technical Glitch?154938
Is there really an Illuminati ?????617856
Unholy Communion: The Fourth Kind Unveiled 377487
Where do Conspiracy Theories come from? Why are there more now then ever?1572
Boston Bombing Conspiracy?566316
Neanderthals among us and the true age of man.71723
Pyramids and other constructions.204781
Did Jesse Ventura and the Conspiracy Theory Show Get Punk'd in the Ozarks?199989
Sex With Demons? 143847
Yeehaw Let Me Have a Slice Of that Flat Earth Pie!234600
Anyone for a Game of Sim Universe?41360
Life After Death21170
Ok so I have not seen any good conspiracy stuff here for a while so lets explore a real one.32810
Scientific Evidence Proves why Healers See the “Aura” of People41489
Help Instructions for the site.61795
End of the world 2012 Mayan style has just been cancelled.124351
The Battle of the Bosnian Pyramids?154966
The Mushroom Religion123033
Its a bird, its a plane, its Super Moon.113219
Structures that altered sound and mind.82101
Neanderthal Sailers?2843
Operation Northwoods, And the history of false flag operations.31251
HARP and the Winter that never was.348880
Do Tin Foil Hats Really Work?216418
Top Theory's For The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle1995
Top 10 Unexplained UFO sightings and Alien Encounters 42234
Plasma, Solar Outbursts, and the End of the Last Ice Age145282
Can you get STDs from Demons?508131
Ever Need an excuse? Yes its finally here. The Top 10 Demons to blame for any bad behaviour. Yay143993
Another Good Reason To Kill Aliens !112455
Crop Circles in Australia Finally Explained ! 51591
How Pseudoskeptics hijack "Skepticism"2847
Does anyone know if it is OK to hunt Aliens?1489239
A Werewolf in Arkansas ? 82913
Black Eyed Devil Children. (Are they Real?)114368
Time Slips (Time Travel? Haunting? Delusion?)62458
Are you new to this site?184328
Does Satan Drive a Flying Saucer?185479
Were the blocks to the Pyramid poured?487866