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Wow ...this site is buzzing again!!8251
Will memory "pills" soon be a reality?451989
Well played Jeff!4433
You must express yourself!!16937
Belief for the sake of belief is fucking dangerous.633642
The Archaeology of sound.292730
Bull shit detector is real!!434400
Mystery of the sacred black stone of Mecca.153786
Atlantis found in Western Europe!!!73541
Is Newgrange a representation of an ancient U.F.O?566413
The Incorruptibles.61870
It's a boy.266064
Was thinking about posting a thread..but forgot what it was about?244449
Did Aliens kill J.F.K.276107
What on Earth is buried on Oak island?123363
St Patrick is not that saintly.756075
Operation Northwoods.826963
Loch Ness satanic estate for sale.206482
Little girl in the dark.13312039
The Devil's Holes.195222
Coincidence and Identical twins41661
Humanity is a parasite.276307
Ancient sound studios..??103517
Who was Jack the ripper??62150
Binaural beats144819
The linc is back103257
The Elusive "God particle" found!!92911
Quantum Theory and the Paranormal518793
Reincarnation may be a reality.258645
Mysterious circular object in the Baltic sea21096
The germans take over europe the legal way!82819
Creationism? Seriously?21018042
An apology447796
Self Delusion195618
Total and utter boloxoligy.596571
UFO sighting over Newgrange267409
Suicidal song.123748
Daniel Dunglas Home,mystic or charlatan?93732
Comte Saint-Germain92791