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In all of our missions to Mars, we've found no conclusive signs of life. Or have we? A respected member of the scientific community is challenging NASA's false claims.

Posted: 3/2/2014 2:05:31 AM   Reads: 671   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Conspiracy Theories

When heart trouble put Brian Miller's life in critical condition, he had a brush with the afterlife. A crossover that allowed him to communicate with the deceased.

Posted: 3/1/2014 12:16:11 AM   Reads: 433   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Afterlife

What happens when a stockpile of gold coins are buried and then forgotten about? Somebody becomes extremely wealthy, 150 years later. If you thought the gold rush came and went, think again. This is the most substantial buried treasure ever to be found in North America, and the quality of the coins is remarkable.

Posted: 2/26/2014 8:43:50 PM   Reads: 555   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Ancient Mysteries

In the days following her Grandmother's death, Duska's home had an eeriness about it. After hearing an unexplained voice call her name, Duska snapped the following photos. Do they suggest the presence of Duska's grandmother's spiritual energy?

Posted: 2/26/2014 8:36:00 PM   Reads: 476   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Ghosts

What do you get when you mix a solar flare's earthbound particles with rural Iceland? Simply, one of the most captivating aurora borealis sightings of all time.

Posted: 2/25/2014 10:16:39 PM   Reads: 434   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Space

High in the skies above Mexico City, an aerial anomaly is spotted on night vision camera. Video footage reveals a triangle shaped craft, moving at a high rate of speed.

Posted: 2/24/2014 1:50:51 PM   Reads: 361   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: UFOs

Steve Huff's house is alive with the sound of voices. And he managed to capture those voices, louder and clearer than ever before. How will Huff react in the face of brazen spiritual malevolence?

Posted: 2/23/2014 2:07:05 PM   Reads: 591   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Ghosts

On February 17, 2014, a man spots a UFO over Medellin, Colombia. A zoom on the flying craft reveals a stunning level of detail, including a five-pointed geometric body, dome shape and attention-grabbing bottom light display.

Posted: 2/19/2014 7:12:52 PM   Reads: 593   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: UFOs

When Katie Lentz crossed paths with life and death, she leaned on her faith more than ever before. Unexpectedly, she received a spiritual response in the form of an unlikely guardian angel. Katie's story highlights the power of faith, and the power of the mind in getting through tough times.

Posted: 2/18/2014 1:40:00 AM   Reads: 586   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Religion

On February 12th, an unexpected sinkhole developed at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. 8 vintage sports cars were swallowed in the process, revealing the presence of an underground cave developed after 20 years of erosion.

Posted: 2/13/2014 10:55:45 PM   Reads: 532   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Oddball News

Amber long suspected her store in Raleigh, NC to be haunted. But today she was confronted with photographic evidence that left her little doubt. A shadowy, hovering figure with an outstretched arm appeared behind the checkout counter. Within moments, it was gone.

Posted: 2/11/2014 8:51:15 PM   Reads: 823   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Ghosts

In February 2014, a plane passed over San Diego leaving typical condensation trail. What was anything but typical, was the bright, explosive UFO speeding toward the plane in an attempt to catch up. In this chance UFO video capture, we're forced to question our beliefs about UFOs visiting earth's atmosphere, and the very nature of the contrail itself.

Posted: 2/11/2014 11:59:43 AM   Reads: 479   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: UFOs

Seasoned spiritual medium Steve Huff checked into the historic Hermitage Hotel with the intention of doing some light investigation work. Little did he realize that he would experience visual and audio proof of multiple spirits inhabiting his hotel. In this captivating piece of video evidence, one man finds himself caught in the middle of a real life spiritual grudge match.

Posted: 2/3/2014 12:34:30 AM   Reads: 628   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: Ghosts

Unprecedented UFO footage originating from Brazil was recently released. The video shows a luminous object hovering in the sky, adorned with orbs of various sizes. The footage takes an unexpected turn when the aircraft begins projecting orbs from its mass to the ground below. Even stranger, the spherical balls of light appear to merge during their descent toward Earth. It's truly a piece of UFO evidence that has to be seen to be believed.

Posted: 1/27/2014 11:16:31 PM   Reads: 526   Submitted By: ParaSci   Source: parasci.net Category: UFOs